Cole-Parmer Catalyst Peristaltic Pumps

Feb. 23, 2015

Cole-Parmer announces a new addition to its peristaltic pump line: the Catalyst™ by Masterflex FH Series. The integrated pump and drive systems are fully assembled and ready to run. The series includes Catalyst FH100 Precision Peristaltic Pumps, Catalyst FH100D Digital Peristaltic Dispensing Pumps, and Catalyst FH100M Digital Multichannel Peristaltic Pumps. Tubing occlusion is automatic when the pump head is closed. The interlock switch powers unit down when pump head is opened while the unit is running.

Catalyst FH100 Precision Peristaltic Pumps offer an intuitive keypad to quickly increase or decrease flow. View RPM on digital display for accurate control and repeatability. Purge tubing before and after use with reversible motor. For automated processes, remote control is standard.

Catalyst FH100D Digital Peristaltic Dispensing Pumps display all operational parameters on the LCD for at-a-glance monitoring. Programmable dispensing modes include volume, time, or copy, with convenient programmed delay between cycles. These pumps can be programmed in seven languages.

Catalyst FH100M Digital Multichannel Peristaltic Pumps provide multiple flow channels in a single pump. Their cartridge design enables quick tubing changes—and eliminates the hardware of other multichannel designs. Select from 4, 8, or 12 channel models.