Qosina Inc.

June 15, 2005
Sterilization Indicators Change Color to Show Proper Processing
Qosina has added more sterilization indicators to our ever-expanding product line. These indicators show a color change to signify proper exposure to various sterilization processes. Our indicators are available for:
  • ETO (ethylene oxide) Sterilization Indicator #13122 Purple to Green

  • Steam Sterilization Indicator #13123 Blue to Pink

  • Radiation Sterilization Indicator (Gamma or E-Beam) #13124 Yellow to Red
These self-adhesive labels can be applied by hand. By the observable color change, it is easy to determine whether or not a particular sample has been through a qualified sterilization process. After exposure to the sterilization process, the indicators retain their color change indefinitely.The labels are approximately one-half inch in diameter and are available on rolls of 5,000.