Clean Air Products

Aug. 9, 2005
Horizontal Flow Wall Modules Maximize Workspace
Clean Air Products introduces Series 130 Horizontal Flow Wall Modules. The units feature all metal construction to provide long life and maximum resistance to wear and abuse from abrasion, corrosion, stains and chemicals. Well-designed cabinet volumes minimize weight and space requirements. Modules may be used individually or in groups to form a wall for a cleanroom or tunnel.Airflow is factory-set at a filter face velocity of 90 fpm. Other features include a protective grill for the absolute HEPA filter and a quiet, energy-efficient belt drive blower. The units meet or exceed Federal Standard 209E and NEC electrical codes.The modules are made in two basic styles: CAP 132 features intake at the top of the unit, and CAP 133 features intake in the rear of the unit. Maintenance and filter changing may be performed from the front of the Model CAP 132, allowing it to be placed against a wall thereby increasing workspace in the cleanroom. With CAP 133 models, HEPA filters may be serviced from the front of the unit while other maintenance is performed from the rear.