Biotest Diagnostics Corp.

Aug. 29, 2005
Compressed Gas Adapter Aids Compliance with ISO14698
When designing a sampling plan, you should consider the “impact of operations, personnel, and equipment in zones at risk, which contribute to contamination,” according to ISO 14698 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments — Biocontamination control, Part 1: General principles and methods. This means that you should not only monitor critical components of your controlled environment such as personal attire, manufacturing equipment and room ambient air but also compressed gasses. To help pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers comply with those guidelines, Biotest has introduced its RCS Compressed Gas (CG) Adapter for detecting the microbial content of compressed gasses in any area where specific microbial counts must not be exceeded. Used in conjunction with the validated RCS Plus, RCS High Flow or RCS Isolator Microbial Air Samplers, the CG-Adapter provides a simple yet effective measurement of high and low concentrations of microbes in isolators and laminar flow environments, as well as in sterile and aseptic production lines. The RCS CG Adapter is part of the HYCON System, a complete line of products used for environmental monitoring which includes air samplers, particle counters and Biotest Contact Slides for surface sampling. For additional information or a free trial of the Biotest HYCON products, contact Biotest Customer Service (phone and e-mail above).