Finesse, LLC

May 17, 2006
Bioreactor Control System Easy on Users and Budgets

Finesse LLC has introduced TruBIO, the first turn-key bioreactor control operating system solution for the life sciences industries. This fully “open” system consists of the TruBIO-Bioreactor Control Operating System, a software solution that has been designed to reside on any DeltaV Controller version 7.4 and later, as well as the TruLOGIC Controller, a pre-packaged hardware solution designed to optimize the TruBIO Operating System. The result is a bioreactor control system that delivers the power, flexibility and user-friendly functionality the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries require, at a price point that redefines expectations, according to the company.

TruBIO – Bioreactor Control Operating System

This solution, suitable for new as well as existing installations, is powered by the DeltaV Controller from Emerson Process Management and includes an integrated PI solution from OSIsoft. The TruBIO – Bioreactor Control Operating System has embedded configuration logic for control of all processes required for both cell culture and fermentation applications.

This embedded fully configurable control logic includes pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, pressure, agitation, flow, level, weight and more. This enables OEMs, system integrators and end users alike to quickly customize the TruBIO Operating System to meet their individual application requirements. An additional feature of this operating system is its hardware-independent design, which allows for the use of preferred suppliers for process measurement and control solutions.

TruLOGIC Controller

Powered by the industry-leading DeltaV Controller from Emerson Process Management and the TruBIO – Bioreactor Control Operating System, the TruLOGIC Controller is capable of supporting an array of protocols. These include: Conventional (Analog/Discrete), Foundation fieldbus, DeviceNet, Profibus DP, ASI, HART, Modbus and OPC.

In addition, the TruLOGIC Controller is compatible with controllers from Emerson Process Management, Allen Bradley, Siemens, Foxboro, Honeywell, Sartorious/BBI, New Brunswick Scientific, Applikon, Wave and more.

"Perhaps the most innovative feature of the TruLOGIC Controller is its ability to greatly reduce the high licensing costs traditionally associated with DeltaV," notes Larry West, Finesse executive vice president. "Therein, the standard configuration of the TruBIO System delivers the ability to control hundreds of analog and discrete values for less than $2,500 in DeltaV licensing per vessel. This allows us to deliver a competitive DeltaV solution from the benchtop to the skid."

West added that in the near future, Finesse will introduce a comprehensive redesign of its website, to include more detailed information on the TruBIO-Bioreactor Control System, an opportunity to “drive” the system real-time from anywhere in the world, and a regionalized listing of TruBIO OEMs and integrators. In addition, the company will begin posting a dynamic listing of “Best in Class” components (analyzers, transmitters, meters, valves, etc.) that it has tested and recommends for use with the TruBIO System.