Manugistics Group, Inc.

Feb. 9, 2006
Program Helps Manufacturers Tune Up Their Supply Chains

Manugistics Group, Inc., a global provider of synchronized supply chain and revenue management solutions, recently debuted its Supply Chain Tune-Up Program, a diagnostic review to enable clients to maximize their return on supply chain investments.

Under the Supply Chain Tune-up Program, Manugistics will work with companies to identify opportunities to fine-tune and improve operations by analyzing the client's overall supply chain solutions from forecasting and replenishment to transportation and technology. Clients receive a diagnostic road map report that outlines improvement opportunities, best practices and effective use guidance.

"A synchronized supply chain can always be improved," said Lori Mitchell-Keller, Manugistics Global Marketing and Solution Management senior vice president. "It's a continuous process. There's always room to improve service levels, achieve greater inventory turns, reduce logistics costs, improve order to cash cycles and improve margins. That's what the Tune-Up does for our clients."

In a recent survey conducted with Fortune 1,000 companies participating in a Manugistics Supply Chain Tune-Up Webinar co-hosted with Forrester Research, 86 percent of the attendees said their supply chains are key to their company's success.

In the July 7, 2005 AMR Research Alert, "Do You Need a Supply Chain Tune-Up?" research director Lora Cecere stated, "Demand-planning engines need ongoing maintenance: schedules should be set for alignment, adjustment, and overhaul. Companies that use this approach will see a 5% to 10% improvement in forecast accuracy and a 1% to 5% improvement in supply chain costs."

The assessment offerings available through Manugistics' Supply Chain Tune-Up Program include:

  • Overall Supply Chain:
  • Assesses the supply chain process and identifies opportunities for improvement across the entire supply chain;

  • Forecasting:
  • Reviews the demand planning business process and creates a road map to generate accurate, single-number forecasts;

  • Replenishment:
  • Evaluates clients' distribution, production planning/purchasing, inventory planning and deployment and provides recommendations to improve customer service and inventory turns in order to make vendors more responsive to changing demand;

  • Transportation:
  • Investigates carrier capacity planning, load consolidation and carrier selection and communication and provides recommendations to improve visibility, cost reductions and improved load acceptance; and

  • Technology:
  • Reviews clients' current supply chain systems, batch scripts, integration and performance capabilities and provides an IT strategy to account for changes in the supply chain and position clients for growth.

The Manugistics Supply Chain Tune-Up Webinar conducted in November has been recorded and is available on demand at: