Munters Corp. Dehumidification Division - Industrial

March 19, 2006
System Recovers Energy, Improves Dehumidification

Munters Dehumidification Division - Industrial introduces PowerPurge, an energy recovery option for Munters Integrated Custom Air Handling (ICA) units. When equipped in ICAs, the PowerPurge improves performance by delivering air at drier levels, while using significantly less energy than traditional active desiccant dehumidification systems.

“PowerPurge reduces both reactivation and postcooling energy,” says Paul Dinnage, vice president of research and development for Munters. “The patent-pending system acts as an energy recovery system, collecting waste heat off of the hottest section of the desiccant wheel and using it to help with the regeneration. This reduces the energy required for reactivation while lowering the discharge temperature of the process air, decreasing energy costs for post cooling.”

“With energy costs skyrocketing, we recommend ICA users take advantage of this innovative new option,” says Dinnage. “We recently quoted a customer a 28,000 CFM system with the PowerPurge option; PowerPurge will save them almost $100,000 per year in operating costs."

ICA units feature a desiccant wheel that rotates slowly between two primary airstreams, process and reactivation. In the process airstream, water vapor is removed as it passes through the desiccant wheel. This dehumidified air is then delivered to a manufacturing process or space. The wheel then rotates into the reactivation sector where a heated airstream is passed through the wheel. The desiccant wheel releases the water vapor to this airstream. The majority of the energy required for the desiccant process is used in heating the reactivation airstream.

PowerPurge also can save on the initial capital investment. Equipping a desiccant system with PowerPurge can reduce the size of the desiccant rotor without diminishing the dehumidification capacity while still decreasing energy costs. “Because PowerPurge increases efficiency, a system that required, for example, an 86-inch desiccant wheel may only need a 60-inch wheel if equipped with this energy saving option,” adds Dinnage.

PowerPurge is available in Munters ICA products in the U.S. The ICA line of full-featured, factory-built custom air handling systems incorporate many advanced features including an innovative double wall construction that incorporates a superior no-through metal design in either 2.5 or 4-inch wall thickness. Unlike other custom air handlers, the ICA maintains its no-through metal design on all surfaces, even the system base.

To access a PDF on PowerPurge, click here. To obtain a PDF on Munters' ICA products, click here.