Colder Products Co.

May 3, 2006
Connector Ends Threading Issues with Instrumentation

Colder Products Co. has released its PMC12 coupling, with an integrated ¼-28 flat bottom port that saves the user time by eliminating the need to thread and re-thread a separate fitting whenever a fluid line is disconnected.

Compatible with standard HPLC-type fittings, the new ¼-28 flat bottom port is ideal for a wide variety of analytical instrument equipment and applications, including mass spectrometry, flow cytometry, gas chromatography, reagent lines and waste lines. The release of the 1/8” flow polypropylene coupling with a ¼-28 flat bottom port responds to an increasing demand for rigid, microbore tubing.

“The analytical instrumentation market is moving toward smaller tubing in fluid-handling systems,” says Jim Brown, medical business unit manager, Colder Products Company. “The new polypropylene coupling port addresses this trend while providing the safety benefits afforded by a secure, leak-free connection.”