DCI-Biolafitte, LLC

Aug. 3, 2006
Single System Flexes for Fermentation or Cell Culture

DCI-Biolafitte (formed earlier this year through a merger between St. Cloud, Minn.-based DCI, Inc. and Mauze, France-based Pierre Guerin) offers the Tryton bioreactor/fermentor series.

Tryton series bioreactor/fermentors are convertible; that is, they can be used for either fermentation or cell culture. These ergonomic and compact modular systems are available in one- or two-vessel configurations, with six interchangeable vessel sizes (2, 5 or 8 liters).

The Tryton series incorporates a user-friendly Neptune point-and-click control system. Developed with LabWindows from National Instruments, Neptune is a PC-based, integrated control and data logging system that provides independent control of one or two bioreactors. Multiple configurations are possible with the inclusion of various accessories.

The Tryton system is well-suited to process/product development, media studies or scale-up applications. According to DCI-Biolafitte, system benefits include easy maintenance and superior reliability and performance.