Airflow Systems, Inc.

Sept. 24, 2006
Dust Control Booth Features Filtration Efficiency

Airflow Systems Inc.'s new Dust Control Booth collection system provides a self-contained work environment that collects and filters dust, smoke, fumes, and other manufacturing or processing contaminants before they can escape the work area and migrate throughout the facility.

The Dust Control Booth and the PowerBooth portable unit bring high-efficiency operation to process applications including pharmaceutical processing and chemical processing.

The Dust Control Booth is a free-standing enclosure made up of a filtration/blower module and insulated roof and side enclosure panels. The single-module Dust Control Booth produces 4,500 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of collection air flow and 99.97% filtration efficiency with an optional HEPA after filter.

The modular design of the Dust Control Booth collection system allows for the addition of modules as applications or collection capacity require. Dust Control Booth configurations have included eight modules, with total collection air flow of 27,000 CFM.

Standard features of the Dust Control Booth include: Vibra-Pulse filter cleaning, a pulsed-air driven filter-wrapping technology that returns filters to original holding capacity and reduces filter change frequency. Direct-drive motor/blowers are also standard, eliminating drive belt replacement costs and reducing maintenance downtime. The Dust Control Booth design also provides a raised air-inlet area, 26 inches from the floor, to focus collection at the worker breathing area while eliminating the introduction of fugitive dirt or dust from floor level.

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