Beckman Coulter, Inc.

March 5, 2007
New Particle Counter Provides Real-Time Results

Beckman Coulter, Inc. introduced the new Multisizer 4 Coulter Counter, the latest advancement in the company's line of particle counting and sizing instruments, at Pittcon 2007. The Multisizer 4 has been designed to deliver an increased dynamic range, and unique digital pulse processing provides size analysis results in real time. Originally developed to count blood cells, the Coulter Counter has a broad range of applications, from cells and bacteria to food, to hydraulic fluids and lubricants — virtually any industry that needs to measure particulate matter.

The Multisizer 4 features new sample management technology that ensures consistent reproducibility. The new EZAccess fluid management system, along with new software wizards, tools and automated functions improve ease of use and increase productivity. Software functions include automated time stamp for real-time sample tracking and electronic blockage detection designed for improved throughput. The digital pulse processing scans and stores data for additional analyses and reporting.

Along with the Multisizer 4, Beckman Coulter will unveil a new line of bar-coded labware developed around the sample management system to ensure performance and consistency.