Millipore Corp.

March 27, 2007
High-Sheer Mixer Available for Small-Scale Production

Millipore Corporation announced that the new high shear HS T10 mixer is now available. The small size of the HS T10 makes it ideal for use in small production-scale processes and pilot plants in up to 75 liter mixing volumes.

The newest addition to Millipore’s line of high shear mixers, the HS T10 continues to offer the same advantages that characterize the NovAseptic mixers. The magnetically-coupled design means that there is no shaft led through the tank wall. This reduces the risk of leaks that could challenge the sterility of the vessel. Total integrity of the tank is maintained and there is no risk of contamination. The mixers are bottom-mounted which allows for low level mixing and easy maintenance. Millipore’s NovAseptic mixers are completely and easily cleanable- and sterilizable-in-place (CIP/SIP).