Millipore Corp.

April 10, 2007
System Simplifies Small-Volume Sampling of High-Value Biotherapeutics

On Apr. 10, Millipore Corp. introduced the NovaSeptum AV Accurate Volume system, designed to meet the challenges of aseptic and sterile sampling in the production of today’s high-value biotherapeutic products. The ability to accurately sample small volumes with minimal waste of valuable drug product improves final product yield.

The NovaSeptum AV system is a closed sampling system that enables production personnel to obtain small-volume product samples easily and efficiently without the risk of cross contamination.  Consecutive individual small-volume samples for immediate in-process testing or distribution to appropriate QC personnel for testing can be obtained. This level of  sampling eliminates the aliquoting step, reducing the risk of cross contamination. The ability to dispense product with milliliter accuracy improves sampling efficiency while reducing potential product waste. The NovaSeptum syringe can be stored until sample testing is required.

The design of the NovaSeptum AV system ensures that the drug product and sample are always enclosed in a sterile, closed environment. The risk of false positives is eliminated and the safety of the product, sample and operator are ensured.