Millipore Corp.

April 19, 2007
Disposable Mixing System Speeds Time-to-Market

Millipore Corp. announced Apr. 19 that it is launching a new disposable mixer designed to help companies mix pharmaceutical ingredients and prepare cell culture media. The Mobius MIX200 disposable mixing system will be introduced at the upcoming INTERPHEX 2007 Conference, which is being held Apr. 24-26 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

The Mobius MIX200 disposable mixing system is a modular mixing solution that enables companies to improve their flexibility and reduce their downtime and contamination risk by using disposable rather than stainless steel components. 
Biopharmaceutical companies are increasingly seeking to replace stainless steel hardware with disposable plastic products. These disposable products eliminate the need for cleaning validation and shorten cycle times between processing runs. Millipore’s Mobius suite of disposable technologies includes filtration products, process containers, mixers, connectors, and valves.

The Mobius MIX200 disposable mixing system requires no warm up time and  increases the speed that biopharmaceutical customers mix their products and prepare cell culture media.  It also provides mixing efficiency in a contained system. The Mobius MIX200 system includes a 200 liter carrier, a single-use magnetically driven impeller inside a disposable Mobius process container made of PureFlex film, and an electronic drive unit. The MIX200 mixer is the first in a series of mixers Millipore will be introducing. It will be followed by 100L and 500L versions.

The MIX200 mixing system offers:

  • Reduced downtime for cleaning validation and process engineering
  • Validation, quality and regulatory compliance support
  • Disposable technology for increased production capacity in multi-product facilities
  • Easy set up and use
  • Small footprint and mobile carrier construction for enhanced flexibility