W.L. Gore

April 27, 2007
Filtration Products Offer ePTFE Solutions

GORE Filtration Products offer a range of high efficiency all ePTFE filtration solutions. GORE Filtration Products optimize product collection by using totally inert FDA approved ePTFE collection surfaces. This ensures maximum powder capture in a contamination free environment. GORE Filtration Products are available for a wide range of pharmaceutical processes including drying, size reduction, active product recovery and fines collection.

Key to the effectiveness of the filter is a collection surface made of 100-percent ePTFE, which is clean, non-shedding, non-particulating and chemically inert. The use of high performance GORE RASTEX ePTFE sewing threads and tightly sealed seams further eliminate any compatibility concerns.

GORE STA-PURE tubing eliminates fluid stream contamination. Low particulation prevents fluid contamination and can extend filter life. Long-term pump testing proves that STA-PURE tubing lasts over 1000 hours at 600rpm or over 6000 hours at 100rpm. Its also eliminates the need to rotate tubing through the pump head, saving time and reducing maintenance. The composition also provides flow stability, with virtually no change in flow rate over the life of the tubing.

GORE CHEM-SURE tubing offers the same benefits as STA-PURE tubing; however, it offers an additional level of chemical resistance. CHEM-SURE tubing can withstand very aggressive chemicals, including organic solvents such as xylene, MEK, and tolulene.