Camfil Farr

June 22, 2007
Terminal Filter Module Offers Leak-Free Protection

Camfil Farr has introduced a new “RFM22” ducted terminal filter module that delivers leak-free protection for ISO Class 5 - 8 applications in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The all-welded module incorporates a gel-seal HEPA or ULPA filter and is designed specifically for use where hoods must be regularly validated for performance and leak-free operation.

The RFM22 filter module is easily serviced from the room side for filter changeout, airflow adjustment and filter scan testing. The knife-edge channel accommodates installation of gel seal filters, using threaded studs and retention tabs that facilitate filter service. Air volume control is provided by a choice of butterfly or guillotine damper. The unit also includes a static port for evaluating pressure drop or sampling upstream aerosol concentrations during scan testing.

The RFM22 filter module is suitable for standard t-bar ceilings, gel-grid systems, and hardboard or plaster systems, and may be adapted to horizontal or reverse flow applications. It may be used in new installations or as a direct replacement for competitive modules.

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