Mettler-Toledo Ingold

Aug. 22, 2007
Optical Oxygen Sensor Apt for Biopharma

Based on a chemo-optical measurement principle, the InPro 6880i dissolved oxygen sensor provides advantages for the biopharm industry. Quick start-up and response time, combined with measurement quality of this system, make it a useful product for mission-critical issues such as process functionality and batch-to-batch consistency.

The InPro 6880i optical sensor with integrated electronics from Mettler-Toledo Ingold, optically and accurately, determines dissolved oxygen content during fermentation. A green-based LED light from sensor electronics excites marker molecules immobilized in an oxygen-sensitive layer.  The excited molecules emit red light through a chemo-optical fluorescence process. A detector and integral electronics determine oxygen content based upon the characteristics of the fluorescent light. This  technology was refined to produce the most advanced measurement system for industrial use. The InPro 6880i produces reproducible results with accuracy, leading to high measurement consistency, and faster process development.

The optical sensor does not need electrolyte or polarization, extending its operational availability and eliminating inadvertent handling errors. This results in lowering the risk of batch contamination and production delays.
The InPro 6880i contains ISM (Intelligent Sensor Management) technology, which helps further reduce the maintenance effort and increases the process safety. ISM provides plug-and-measure functionality with automatic uploading of sensor calibration data to the system’s transmitter.  Additional status information is analyzed online, providing operators with real-time warnings when early signs of end-of-life of the marker optical cap appear.