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Oct. 8, 2007
Biopharma Product Line Boosts Flexibility, Saves Time

GE Healthcare introduced on Oct. 2 a new portfolio of ready-to-use systems and devices designed for biopharmaceutical production. The ReadyToProcess portfolio is a range of products designed to meet the biopharmaceutical industry's need for increased speed, simplicity and safety for all areas of bioprocessing - from cell culture and fermentation to final purification.

The new line of products is being showcased at the 13th annual IBC Bioprocess International Conference & Exhibition in Boston.

The products with ReadyToProcess features include single-use WAVE technologies, a set of newly developed, ready to use filtration and soon to be available chromatography tools.

ReadyToProcess technologies allow advantages over conventional methods used in bioprocessing, including: higher project throughput and shorter time to market due to the elimination of cleaning and cleaning validation steps, elimination of cross contamination problems and reduce training and certification of employees due to the convenience of a ready to use format according to the company.

WAVE disposable technologies have provided a strong foundation for ReadyToProcess products in the market by removing hours of cleaning and preparation in cell culture, and improving the environment for gentle, consistent mixing. The new filtration and chromatography offerings attack the same removal of cleaning, validation and training requires in the downstream area.

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