Millipore Corp.

Nov. 12, 2007
PTFE Diaphragm Differentiates Aseptic Valves

Millipore Corp. recently announced the launch of aseptic valves that are now available with PTFE diaphragms.

The thermal and chemical durability of PTFE makes it a suitable material for diaphragms in demanding multi-product processes. The new Spring Closed Valve Seal for PTFE diaphragms is based on a forced cup spring technology (patent pending), which applies pressure over the diaphragm seat and maintains this pressure over time. This technique reduces the maintenance needs with prolonged life time.

Millipore’s NovAseptic valves are available in sizes 0.5-3” and are used in a wide range of process applications. The aseptic design of the valves eliminates deadlegs and minimizes product hold-up which facilitates a safe and cost-efficient production. In addition, the valves are easily cleanable- and sterilizable-in-place (CIP/SIP).