JMAR Technologies, Inc.

Jan. 16, 2008
Sensor Designed for High-Purity Water Applications

JMAR Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of advanced laser, photonics and detection technologies, on Jan. 15 announced a new release of its flagship sensor product, the BioSentry, which has been engineered specifically for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing and other high-purity water applications.

BioSentry is a water monitoring system that provides early contamination warning from waterborne microorganisms. Whereas current water monitoring depends on grab sampling of water and time-consuming lab analysis, BioSentry uses laser-based technology to provide continuous, on-line, real-time monitoring of harmful bacteria. Initially, BioSentry targeted applications in homeland security, the beverage industry, and municipal drinking water utilities. With recent system enhancements, the BioSentry can now meet the stringent requirements of high-purity water applications in such industries as pharmaceutical, personal health care and semiconductor manufacturing.

Upgrades to the BioSentry include:

  • High temperature compatibility for water for injection (WFI) and sanitation requirements
  • Use of pharmaceutical-grade materials including a 316L stainless steel flow cell
  • Automatic flow control
  • Auto-sanitization

The new system is currently being installed for testing at a major U.S. pharmaceutical company as part of their Process Analytical Technology (PAT) program. PAT is a system for designing, analyzing, and controlling manufacturing through timely measurements of critical quality and performance attributes of in-process materials with the goal of ensuring final product quality [1].

[1] FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Office of Pharmaceutical Science, Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Initiative