Feb. 15, 2008
Single Use Process Systems Include Manufacturing and Assembly Capabilities

AdvantaPure provides Single Use Process Systems to the pharmaceutical industry and other markets that can benefit from single use technology. Consisting of silicone tubing, molded silicone components, and other processing-related parts, the systems offer cost reductions and increases in productivity.

AdvantaPure has long been manufacturing platinum-cured silicone tubing, hose, and molded silicone components such as Tri-Clamp style fittings, container seals, and bottle stoppers. These items, along with other process components—bottles, bags, and valves, for example—may be incorporated into a single use system for a finished, ready-to-use part.

The advantages of Single Use Process Systems from AdvantaPure over traditional stainless steel systems include:

 • Reduced risk of product cross contamination
 • Decreased production downtimes for cleaning activities
 • Simplified cleaning validation procedures
 • Flexibility for process system changes
 • Reduced material and labor costs
 • Single-source, cleanroom manufacture and assembly

Another benefit of AdvantaPure’s systems is the availability of GammaTag gamma-irradiatable RFID tags. GammaTags may be attachment directly to process systems and components for reliable, electronic identification from manufacture through disposal. Gamma irradiation services of complete process systems are available as well.