Meissner Filtration

Feb. 15, 2008
New Filters Protect Equipment and Provide Contaminant Removal

The Protec RM filter is now available in an expanded choice of absolute ratings - 0.2 μm, 0.3 μm, and 0.5 μm. The filter combines an outer layer of borosilicate glass microfiber media with an inner layer of Meissner’s proprietary hydrophillic PVDF membrane.

Protec RM filters effectively protect downstream membrane filters and equipment. They consistently provide submicron contaminant removal, high dirt-holding capacity and high flow rates, while removing colloids, aggregated and non-product proteins, lipids and other particles.

Typical applications include the clarification, prefiltration and bioburden reduction in biological liquids (including serum, plasma fractions and other blood products), vaccines, tissue and cell culture media, protein solutions, fermentation media and feeds, cell removal form fermentation broths, pre-column chrommatography, and biopharmaceuticals.

Meissner offers leading filtration solutions for customer processes, from clinical trials through fullscale production.

Meissner Technical Services (MTS) provides complete validation services, documentation and customer support to select, size, install and optimize filtration systems.