Bosch Packaging Technology

Oct. 15, 2008
Containment Capsule Filling Machine Processes Highly Potent Substances

Bosch Packaging Technology extends its GKF series with the HiProTect, a fully integrated containment capsule filling system for processing potent substances. The GKF HiProTect meets the growing need of pharmaceutical researchers and manufacturers for a true containment solution. The design of the GKF HiProTect prevents contact between the operator and potent substances, eliminating the need for expensive and awkward air suits, masks and other safety equipment.

The filling station processes powder, tablets, pellets, liquids and even combination formats. Additional filling units are easy to install without extensive downtime. The no-cap/no-fill function prevents product loss and contamination inside the machine.

GKF HiProTect fulfils various Process Analytical Technology (PAT) requirements. A statistical gross and net weight control (IPC) or 100 percent control ensures enhanced end product quality. Even the slightest change in product weight is reported to the filling station so that errors are caught early and production downtime and product waste is minimized.

The GKF HiProTect containment concept features an integrated wash-in-place (WIP) or clean-in-place (CIP) system. By one-touch activation, high pressure nozzles clean the interior of the machine with strong acids, caustic solution and desalinated water. Pre-programmed cleaning configurations guarantee a reproducible cleaning process.