Kimberly-Clark Professional

Dec. 11, 2008
Aseptic Cleanroom Suit Helps Cleanroom Operators Reduce Risk of Contamination

Kimberly-Clark Professional has made a step change in the process of aseptic gowning for cleanroom professionals with an aseptic cleanroom suit designed by cleanroom operators themselves.

The Kimtech Pure A5 Cleanroom Apparel features Clean-Don Technology — garment design features that make it easier to put on the coveralls without compromising their sterility. The garments are well-suited for use in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturing industries and other cleanroom settings where sterility is just as important as particle control.

Clean-Don Technology tackles the issues associated with aseptic gowning through the following features:

  • A snap technology that features built-in snaps which gather up legs and arms to lower the risk of the garment touching the floor, then automatically release as the garment is put on.
  • An innovative inside-out fold pattern that presents the inside of the garment as the package is opened, reducing the risk of touching and contaminating the outside of the apparel.
  • A highly visible blue line along the inside of the garment that signals the proper place to grasp while gowning, helping workers avoid touching the exterior of the garment.
  • Thumb loops that help keep the garment from riding up the arm and help to maintain the glove/garment interface.

In addition to its sterility advantages, Kimtech Pure A5 Cleanroom Apparel is also comfortable. The apparel's SMS (Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond) material provides a cloth-like feel and is 25 times more breathable than TYVEK.

The garments also feature Kimberly-Clark Professional's Reflex coverall design. The roomy design is less likely to rip out than ANSI minimums since it provides 12 percent more chest room and six percent longer body length. At the same time, the garments' elastic waist and back reduce loose-fitting material that could contact work surfaces or billow out, forcing air to exit the garment at its extremities.

A range of sizes, from small to 4XL, are available to match various body shapes and sizes. A hood and boot covers are also available.

Kimtech Pure A5 Cleanroom Apparel is manufactured in an ISO-certified facility, clean-processed, then individually packaged under cleanroom conditions. Lot consistency is ensured from raw materials through processing.

The company uses a unique process to package the garments for sterility assurance. The technology uses a vacuum seal process to allow the breathable SMS fabric to be sterilized with Gamma irradiation. The look and irradiation indicators on each package help to confirm irradiation and sterility.

The company also provides users with detailed technical data for the garments, including Certificate of Irradiation and Conformance, which will contain irradiation method and Sterility Assurance Level (SAL).