April 30, 2009
Segmented Turret Technology Maximizes Tablet Press Productivity

Fette’s segmented turret technology eliminates the need for conventional dies and die-lock screws, reducing changeover times, maximizing tablet press productivity and providing a new level of efficiency.

Users of Fette’s segmented turret report an average 23.5% increase in output, a 56% reduction in set up time and a 58.5% reduction in cleaning time. 

By machining the product cavity into robust tool segments rather than individual dies, pharmaceutical manufacturers can use the space between cavities, resulting in a greater number of cavities per turret. With this approach, the user can achieve higher output rates without affecting the validated state of the machine, as the actual machine speed need not be modified.

Set up and cleaning times are reduced since only the segments themselves and two bolts per segment need to be adjusted during assembly or cleaning of the die table portion of the turret.

The Die Table Segments also outlast standard dies, including carbide-lined dies. In addition to providing more stations per turret, Die Table Segments result in less product loss, less wear and tear, and simpler, smoother logistics. The Die Table Segments are available on all new Fette tablet presses and can be interchanged with existing standard turrets on all current Fette presses.