Advantapure: BioClosures Systems Offer Secure Container Seals

Feb. 19, 2010
Advantapure: BioClosures Systems Offer Secure Container Seals

AdvantaPure announces the availability of BioClosure Systems, a complete line of container closures ideally suited for pharmaceutical, biotech, laboratory, and other clean applications. Practical for either repeated or single use, BioClosure Systems work with flexible container systems, laboratory bottles and apparatus, and sampling and storage receptacles of glass, plastics, or metal.

BioClosure Systems offer the utmost in purity. They’re manufactured and packaged in a Class 7, ISO-certified clean room from USP Class VI, platinum-cured silicone elastomer. Certified animal-derived-ingredient free, the closures are biologically safe and withstand autoclaving or gamma irradiation.

“BioClosure Systems offer a lot of advantages over similar parts made from rubber materials,” states Michael Tangreti, AdvantaPure’s director of marketing. “The Systems provide much higher purity, longer life, and more consistent performance.”

BioClosure Systems offer a true seal and a secure environment for critical processes. When employed as a single use component, BioClosure Systems reduce cross contamination risks, cleaning requirements, and validation time and costs.

BioClosure Systems may be used with temperatures ranging from –100°F to 400°F (–73.3°C to 204.4°C). They’re documented lot traceable, and validation and extractable test portfolios are available. Styles include stoppers, caps, inserts for True Unions and GL45’s and others, all available with or without tubing inserts. Stoppers in sizes 2 through 12 are stocked; other items are produced on a custom basis.