3A Sanitary Pressure Gauges

May 13, 2009

Conforms to all 3A sanitary standards with ANSI grade "A" accuracy

Great pricing available on these pressure gauges

  • conforms to all 3A sanitary standards with ANSI grade "A" accuracy
  • stainless steel welded tube and socket
  • electropolished 316L stainless steel diaphragm
  • available in every type sanitary connection fitting
  • 100% helium leak tested
  • all stainless steel internal mechanism
  • ambient temperature range = up to 300F standard
  • 100% hand calibrated and certified to exceed the current ASME B40.1 pressure gauge publication
  • 90mm standard case, larger sizes available on special order
    calibrated accuracy = 1.5% f.s. for ranges  100 p.s.i. or more
  • all gauges designed for CIP clean in place. Dry gauges suitable for autoclave sterilization
  • all gauges designed to withstand 50% over-pressure error with minimal loss of accuracy
  • 100% filled with Dow chemical, high purity, pharmaceutical grade OPTIM glycerin, optional

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