J&J, Bayer Xarelto expanded-use trial fails

Aug 27, 2018

Bayer and Johnson & Johnson’s push to widen the patient group for their heart drug Xarelto hit a stopping point when a trail failed to find a safe benefit for at-risk patients facing incidents of venous thromboembolism (VTE).

A major study of more than 12,000 patients, called Mariner, produced no clear evidence that the blockbuster clot prevention drug reduced the rate of dangerous blood clots among a certain group of high-risk patients after discharge from hospital.

Xarelto brought in $3.84 billion for Bayer last year. Bayer has the marketing rights for the drug outside the United States while partner J&J sells Xarelto in the U.S., with Bayer being eligible for royalties on U.S. sales of 20 to 30 percent.

Read the Reuters coverage

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