EpiPen shortage continues in Canada

Aug 02, 2018

Health Canada is warning that the adult dose of the EpiPen is expected to be in limited supply at Canadian pharmacies until August 31.

While Mylan owns the rights to the EpiPen, it subcontracts manufacturing of the auto-injector to Meridian Medical, a division of Pfizer. Currently the sole supplier of epinephrine autoinjectors in Canada, Pfizer says the next available shipment of the EpiPen is expected to come in late August.

Four drug manufacturers that have received approval from Health Canada for epinephrine autoinjector products. Of them, Bausch Health Companies (formerly Valeant) appears to be the closest to getting its adrenaline tartrate to market in Canada.

Back in April, Pfizer reported that its supply constraints were due to delays at the U.S.-based manufacturing facility, as well as limited third-party quantities of a component for the product.

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