Recipharm Acquires Roche Facility, Saves 200 Jobs

Sep 20, 2017

Recipharm AB has entered into a collaboration with Roche and signed a long-term manufacturing agreement whereby Recipharm will manufacture a range of solid dose products.

Recipharm will also acquire a Roche manufacturing facility currently employing about 200 people located in Leganés, Spain. The modern factory, located close to Madrid, currently produces solid dose products and is licensed to supply products globally to more than 95 countries.

”We are continuing to gain momentum in the CDMO market through our various profitable growth initiatives,” said Thomas Eldered, CEO Recipharm AB. “I am therefore delighted to announce this long-term agreement with Roche. It has become clear during our interactions with Roche that we are closely aligned in our ways of doing business, and we look forward to developing this relationship further...”

Closing of the transaction and commencement of supply under the agreement is anticipated by the year end 2017.