InSite Vision Dumps Canada's QLT for Sun Pharma

Sep 17, 2015

California-based InSite Vision has terminated its agreement with QLT Inc. in favor of entering a merger agreement with a subsidiary of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries.

InSite and Sun have entered into a merger agreement under which an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Sun Pharma will acquire InSite in an all-cash transaction for $0.35 per share, or approximately $48 million.

In connection with InSite’s termination of the QLT merger agreement, InSite was required to pay a $2,667,000 termination fee to QLT. Sun Pharma has paid this fee to QLT on InSite’s behalf.

Vancouver-based QLT is a biotech company specializing in ocular products. The acquisition of InSite, a developer of specialty ophthalmology drugs, would have added two approved products to QLT’s portfolio: AzaSite conjunctivitis treatment and Besivance, an antibiotic for eye infections.

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