GSK Employees Want Reimbursement for Expensed Bribes

May 29, 2014

Financial Times

GlaxoSmithKline employees say superiors ordered them to expense bribes that the company is now refusing to reimburse, according to the Financial Times.

The accusations only add to GSK's woes as the company deals with the ramifications of a massive corruption scandal in China.

GSK's own internal investigation revealed fake receipts submitted by Chinese sales staff, resulting in denied expense reimbursements.  According to FT, GSK "denied bonuses, threatened dismissal or refused to reimburse staff for bribes they say were sanctioned by their superiors." Some staff claimed that they were given fake stories and told not implicate their supervisors during the investigation.

GSK acknowledged in April that a small number of Chinese employees had been dismissed following an audit of expense claims.

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