Why Big Pharma Should Embrace Gaming

Source: PharmaManufacturing.com

Mar 25, 2013


Actually, Geekwire correspondent Taylor Soper titled her piece "Why Big Pharma Should be afraid of the gaming industry," which covered author of "Reality is Broken" Jane McGonigal's recent talk at University of Washington’s School of Social Work’s 4th Annual Scholarship Breakfast. Over the last 10 years or so McGonigal has been working on designing alternative reality games, some of which, being designed by her colleagues are proving to have certain therapeutic benefits. “If anybody needs to be scared of games, it’s definitely the pharmaceutical industry,” said McGonigal, “People are working on games that work better than morphine for pain relief, games that work better than medicine for depression, games that work better for weight loss than diet pills." There seems to be an opportunity in that challenge somewhere. Certainly there is a rocket, er pharmaceutical scientist out there who might not ponder the possibilities and consider the benefits a properly executed game just might add to an integrated approach to therapy. What do you think? Read the full story here.