Gamajet Services Toftejorg Tank Cleaning Equipment


Oct 09, 2012


Gamajet Cleaning Systems is now responsible for both Gamajet and Toftejorgtank cleaning equipment, and customers of both brands can take advantage of Gamajet’s best-in-class service and repair program, the company says. This agreement is part of the Alfa Laval acquisition of Gamajet that took place earlier in the year. Alfa Laval purchased Toftejorg, a Danish company, in 2003. Gamajet has been assigned responsibility of Toftejorg service and repair, as well as sales of new machines in North America, effective immediately.

Gamajet’s service and repair program hinges on personal support and 24-hour turnaround times. Users of both Gamajet and Toftejorgtank cleaning machines can send in their equipment for repair or preventative maintenance. For only $195, Gamajet promises: tear down of machine and ultrasonic cleaning; detailed inspection, quotation, and a phone call with an explanation; reassembly and hydraulic testing at customer’s operating conditions; renewed one-year warranty; and 24-hour turnaround, guaranteed. With proper maintenance and repair, the tank cleaning machines are designed to outlast the tanks they are cleaning.

Gamajet President Robert Delaney says, “Personal service and support is the heart of our organization here at Gamajet, and we are pleased to invite all Tofetjorg users to take advantage of this tremendous program that Gamajet customers have enjoyed for years."

For more information, visit or call 610-408-9940.