Tavros, Vividion shake on $930M oncology partnership

Oct. 12, 2022

Precision-oncology platform biotech Tarvos Therapeutics and biopharma Vividion Therapeutics announced this week that the two will be partnering in a $930 million oncology programs collaboration.

According to the deal, Tavros will receive $17.5 million upfront and up to $430.5 million in milestone payments for the initial programs and royalties. Vividion has options to pursue up to five additional targets with up to $482 million in potential additional future payments.

California-based Vividion — a wholly owned and independently operated subsidiary of Bayer acquired in August 2021 — is a young biotechnology company focused on creating highly selective small molecule medicines that “drug traditionally inaccessible targets.” 

North Carolina-based Tavros, which came onto the scene in 2019, is focused on looking for targeted therapies to exploit tumors’ genetic vulnerabilities.