Xcellerex Announces Groundbreaking for New State-of-the-Art FlexFactory Biomanufacturing Facility

June 9, 2010

Xcellerex, Inc. announced that it has begun construction of a state-of-the-art cGMP FlexFactory biomanufacturing facility at its headquarters location in Marlborough, Massachusetts.  Construction will be completed in September 2010. The facility, the second FlexFactory at the company’s headquarters site, will expand Xcellerex’s capacity to provide bridge biomanufacturing services for clients that are planning or building their own FlexFactory facilities. The plant will also support Xcellerex’s contract manufacturing operations.
Xcellerex President and CEO Guy Broadbent commented, “This facility represents an important milestone for Xcellerex. First, it reflects the surge in interest we are seeing in the FlexFactory platform. The new plant will enable our biomanufacturing services group to support the increased demand for transitional biomanufacturing that we offer to help speed client deployments of their new FlexFactory installations.  Second, this will provide a working showcase to demonstrate FlexFactory to the many customers who have expressed interest in evaluating the platform for their next capacity investment.”  Finally, he noted, “The timeline in which we will bring this cGMP facility online will dramatically underscore the leap in deployment speed that FlexFactory enables.”

Xcellerex founder and Chief Technology Officer Parrish Galliher added, “This new FlexFactory facility in Marlborough will be a great case study, demonstrating the power of the FlexFactory capability. We will achieve new working capacity in less than six months, at a fraction of the cost required for a conventional facility.  This will also give us a hands-on educational tool to help prospective customers achieve a deeper understanding of how a FlexFactory operates.”

The new facility will feature 2,000 liter Xcellerex XDR single-use bioreactors and modular single-use downstream unit operations through bulk-product.