U.S. Biosimilars Are Still Causing Confusion, Says Specialty Pharma

Oct. 7, 2014

In its coverage of a 2014 meeting of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP), Pharmacy Practice News discusses the industry ambiguity that continues to surround biosimilars -- mainly in terms of potential savings and bioequivalency.

Experts at NASP agree that biosimilars will never bring the same steep discounts the public has come to expect from generics. Because the process of bringing a biosimilar to market requires many of the same strategies used to bring a branded biologic to market, potential cost savings will be greatly reduced.

Interchangeability of biologics and biosimilars also remains an issue. Panelists at the meeting agreed there are still unanswered questions regarding effectiveness of biosimilars, safety when switching from branded biologics and responsibility for adverse reactions.

Pharmacists did point out that many of the issues raised about biosimilars currently are more of a concern to manufacturers -- and that the health system will focus on biosimilars when they start hitting the market.

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