Nice Insight Set to Release New Pharmaceutical Equipment Study

April 8, 2015

That’s Nice LLC has announced it’s ready to publish the results of a new annual survey and report, “Nice Insight Pharmaceutical Equipment,” in addition to their well-known CRO, CMO and Excipients studies.

“This latest study represents our commitment to studying the pharma supply chain over a 10-year period starting in 2010,” says Guy Tiene, director of Strategic Content/Research, at That’s Nice LLC, parent agency of Nice Insight. “We are on our way with this most recent survey. We invite our industry colleagues to use this valuable tool for sourcing research as well as for marketing analysis.”

According to Nice Insight, 560 industry professionals joined the survey panel representing major buyer groups from North America and Europe. The report covers 98 top OEM’s, suppliers and service providers and includes six major equipment (product, service, system) categories:

1. Bioprocess Technology and Equipment
2. Processing Equipment
3. Cleanroom and Equipment
4. Packaging, Inspections and Testing Equipment
5. Automation / Critical Utilities
6. Facility Design, Engineering, Commissioning

Those acquiring the study can learn how equipment companies rank among the following benchmarks:

• Quality / Performance - Business gives the impression that its products will outperform similar products on the market either in terms of quantity or efficiency.

• Price - Business gives the impression that its products will be offered at a competitive price similar to others on the market.

• Durability / Reliability - Business gives the impression that its products are more dependable than others on the market.

• Service Agreement - Business gives the impression that their products come with a comprehensive service agreement.

• Customer Service - Business gives the impression that they are easy to do business with.

• Regulatory/Validation - Business gives the impression that its products will maintain the desired level of compliance at all stages of manufacture and they will support the process of establishing evidence to demonstrate compliance.

That’s Nice Insight says its research for this study is segmented by buyer group demographic, region, department, scope and type of manufacturing, and equipment category. The live launch date will be on April 20, 2015, at