FedEx, FDA Drug-Trafficking Case Heads to Court

May 14, 2015

As FedEx Corp. heads to court over government claims that the company conspired with illegal online pharmacies, the global courier says it has a history of assisting the government in good faith.

In 2013, the FDa brought charges against FedEx, accusing them of scheming with online drugstores to deliver controlled substances to dealers and addicts.

In addition to asking that the goverment hand over documents showing evidence that FedEx had historically assisted federal agencies with investigations of illegal pharmacies, FedEx also plans to ask for a dismissal of charges based on a federal law that it says grants an exemption from policing whether the packages it delivers daily contain contraband.

Prosecutors argue that FedEx’s interpretation of the law would give carriers the freedom to knowingly distribute illegal drugs, immune from prosecution.

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