Biotech CEO Found Guilty of Discrimination for Only Hiring "Beautiful" Women

Nov. 20, 2015

A UK employment tribunal ruled that David Noakes, CEO of Guernsey-based pharmaceutical firm Immuno Biotech, was guilty of sex discrimination.

Noakes was taken to an employment tribunal by his former personal assistant Lucia Pagliarone, who said she witnessed sexist treatment during her employment.

The CEO was found guilty of making several insulting, gender-specific comments including refusing to hire a woman, saying, "she is ugly and overweight and I only employ beautiful women." Noakes also reportedly wrote "Red lipstick, heels - good; tattoos, do not approve; wearing a dress - excellent" on Pagliarone's CV, which was later found on his desk.

Immuno Biotech manufacturers banned drug GcMAF -- an injectable product made from human blood. GcMAF claims to treat cancer and autism, but health regulators said it may pose a significant risk to human health.

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