Anarchists attack Novartis office in Athens

Feb. 26, 2018

Greek anarchists threw paint and broke windows at Novartis Athens headquarters, seemingly in response to bribery allegations.

The investigation has been ongoing, and involves Novartis, doctors and numerous public officials. In January of last year, Greek prosecutors raided the Athens offices of Novartis as part of a probe into bribery allegations. The investigation was reportedly ordered after the country's justice minister responded to media reports alleging Novartis was bribing doctors and public officials.

The Greek parliament voted on Thursday to probe the role of 10 politicians in the case. Novartis has promised to take “fast and decisive action” should the investigation in Greece conclude that its employees engaged in unethical or illegal conduct.

The Rouvikonas group took credit for the recent Novartis building attack in an internet statement.

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