Biden says gov't failed to deal with opioid crisis

April 12, 2019

Joe Biden addressed a sold-out audience at University of Pennsylvania, joining a panel conversation about the opioid crisis.

The former vice president was joined by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney, Penn professor of emergency medicine Jeanmarie Perrone, Harvard professor of psychobiology Bertha Madras and Penn President Amy Gutmann.

Biden said the government has failed to effectively deal with the opioid crisis and called on lawmakers to change their view of addiction. The former VP also condemned the over-prescription of opioids by American doctors and the "greed" of drug companies. Biden has previously been vocal about how the GOP health plan worsens opioid crisis.

The panel stressed the severity of the nationwide opioid crisis, clarified the benefits of decriminalizing addiction, and emphasized the need to change the country's culture to reduce dependence on such drugs.

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