Protestor drops 800-lb. drug spoon on J&J front steps

Sept. 19, 2019

An activist/artist brought an 800-pound cooking spoon to Johnson and Johnson's New Jersey site as a way to protest prescription drugs' role in the opioid epidemic.

It took three people to wheel artist Dominic Esposito's 10-foot long, four-foot tall aluminum spoon - with the J&J logo etched in the handle - to the front steps of the drugmaker's office.

Police asked Esposito to move his protest to the public sidewalk, and he complied.

Last month, A judge in Oklahoma has ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $572 million in damages for its role in the opioid epidemic after state lawyers accused J&J of being the “kingpin” of the opioid epidemic. J&J called the verdict “flawed” and plans to appeal.

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