Sanofi opens next-generation biologics plant in Massachusetts

Oct. 15, 2019

Sanofi has now opened a new digital manufacturing facility in Framingham, Massachusetts, which it says is one of the world's first digital facilities using intensified, continuous biologics production technology.

The facility features technology that connects the production process with research and development, which aims to pave the way for improved commercialization of new medicines. According to the company, the facility's advanced paperless and data-driven manufacturing technologies is expected to enable Sanofi to achieve higher levels of productivity, agility and flexibility.

"We have been investing for some years to prepare for Sanofi's future," said said Philippe Luscan, executive vice president, global industrial affairs at Sanofi. "Our Framingham facility leads the way in delivering the next generation of biologics manufacturing, leveraging intensified, continuous processing in a fully integrated digitally powered facility," . "This opening demonstrates we are at the leading edge of innovation and manufacturing excellence, helping us to shape the future of both our company and the industry."

Framingham is the latest biologics manufacturing facility among a number of pilots, which are being accelerated across the Sanofi network. The Framingham digital bio-manufacturing facility is part of Sanofi's integrated, cross-functional biologics hub in Framingham, Massachusetts. The campus offers co-location of all the infrastructure and activities required to speed the delivery of new therapies to patients, from early stage research and process development through clinical and commercial manufacturing.

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