BioNTech-Pfizer boost 2021 vaccine target to 2.5 billion doses

March 30, 2021

While announcing its full 2020 financial results, BioNTech and Pfizer announced that it now expects to expand manufacturing capacity to up to 2.5 billion doses of its COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer had previously announced that it would product between 2.3 billion to 2.4 billion doses in 2021.

More than 200 million doses of the vaccine have been supplied as of March 23, with signed orders for 1.4 billion doses for delivery in 2021. Projected sales will reach nearly $11.7 billion this year.

According to BioNTech, its latest facility in Marburg, Germany, as well as the addition of numerous third-party manufacturers have allowed it to increase its estimates.

Estimated COVID-19 vaccine revenues to BioNTech upon delivery of currently signed supply contracts is about €9.8 billion.

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