Dutch agency takes aim at Zolgensma price

May 10, 2021

The National Health Care Institute, a Dutch advisory body, has recommended that the government not cover the cost of Novartis' gene therapy, Zolgensma, unless certain conditions are met.

Zolgensma, known as the most expensive drug in the world, is used to treat spinal muscular dystrophy (SMA). A single treatment in the US is estimated to cost $2.1 million. The cost in Europe is estimated at €1.9 million per treatment.

The government advisory agency, known as Zorginstituut Nederland, recommended that the drug only be included in the basic insurance if the price is reduced by half. In addition, the Novartis must agree to reimbursement based on actual treatment results.

The Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland are currently conducting joint price talks for the drug with Novartis.

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