Alexion buys Pfizer preclinical gene therapy portfolio for $1B

July 28, 2023

AstraZeneca's rare disease business Alexion has entered into a definitive purchase and license agreement with Pfizer for a portfolio of preclinical gene therapy programs and enabling technologies. 

According to the agreement, Alexion will acquire and license Pfizer's early-stage rare disease gene therapy portfolio for a total amount of up to $1 billion. Alexion will also pay tiered royalties on sales as part of the arrangement.

The portfolio acquired includes preclinical gene therapy programs and innovative technologies, such as novel adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsids. AAV capsids have proven to be effective in delivering therapeutic gene cargo for gene therapy and gene editing.

By leveraging these resources with their existing capabilities and the recent acquisition of LogicBio, Alexion is hoping to develop and advance next-generation genomic medicines. 

AstraZeneca's Alexion acquired LogicBio Therapeutics last year in a deal worth $68 million, aiming to advance rare disease treatments by utilizing LogicBio's technology platforms for gene therapy. LogicBio's research has focused on developing genetic medicine for pediatric patients with rare diseases, and they recently received FDA clearance to proceed with phase 1/2 trials for LB-001, a potential single-administration treatment for methylmalonic acidemia.