Mark Cuban to launch Humira biosimilar

July 7, 2023

Cost Plus Drugs, Mark Cuban's online pharmacy, will soon begin selling Coherus BioSciences' biosimilar version of AbbVie's blockbuster, Humira.

Cuban, a billionaire best known for his role on “Shark Tank” and for owning the Dallas Mavericks, announced his generic drug venture back in 2021. Cuban promised to disrupt the generic drug industry with a business structure that involves “radical transparency” about how it prices its drugs. The company discloses its manufacturing, distribution, and marketing costs, and adds a flat 15% margin to all of its drugs for wholesale.

Perhaps no drug was more ripe for disruption than Humira — the best-selling drug of all time — protected by a patent wall that took 20 years to come down. It's estimated that the treatment will have amassed a total revenue of $240 billion by 2024. The first Humira biosimilar hit the U.S. market earlier this year — Amgen's Amjevita. Amgen set a wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) 55% below the current Humira list price, and a list price 5% below the current Humira list price, translating to $1,557 and $3,288 per 40-milligram pen device (a two-week supply).

Coherus said last month it would sell it's Humira biosimilar, branded Yusimry, at a list price of $995 per carton, a discount of more than 85% when compared to the branded version. Cost Plus Drugs will sell Yusimry for $569.27 plus dispensing and shipping fees.