Bayer Parkinson's cell therapy shows promise in early trial

June 28, 2023

BlueRock Therapeutics, a Bayer subsidiary, announced this week that its Parkinson’s disease cell therapy had shown promising results in a phase 1 clinical trial.

Bemdaneprocel is an experimental therapy that involves surgically delivering dopamine-producing neural progenitor cells into the putamen, a brain region responsible for controlling movement. This treatment aims to address the gradual loss of dopamine, a crucial neurotransmitter in Parkinson's disease.

In the phase I trial, the primary objective was to assess the safety and tolerance of bemdaneprocel transplantation one year after the procedure. The trial also aimed to examine the evidence of transplanted cell survival and motor effects at one- and two-year intervals, evaluate the ongoing safety and tolerance at the two-year mark, and assess the feasibility of the transplantation process.

Data showed that all 12 patients in the study tolerated the drug well without any significant safety issues. Additionally, the study's secondary objectives indicated that transplantation is feasible and there is evidence of cell survival and engraftment in the brain up to one year. 

As a result of these findings, BlueRock revealed that preparations are being made for a phase 2 study, which is anticipated to commence enrolling patients in the first half of 2024.