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Pharma Manufacturing announces the 2022 Pharma Innovation Award winners

Oct. 8, 2022
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NASHVILLE, TN Oct. 7, 2022 -- Pharma Manufacturing, an Endeavor Business Media brand, is proud to unveil this year's Pharma Innovation Award winners.

The Pharma Innovation Awards are an annual celebration of new technologies and services that help advance product quality, risk reduction and manufacturing efficiency.

Here at Pharma Manufacturing, we understand and appreciate the investment pharma equipment vendors put into developing and improving their products. It's these valuable tools that help pharmaceutical companies to develop innovative, lifesaving medicines. The Pharma Innovation Awards are a tribute to those who listen to the needs of the market and their customers, and a result, have distinguished themselves as leaders in pharma equipment and technology.

This year’s winners consist of 16 products and technologies chosen by editors and industry reviewers. The awards will be covered in detail in Pharma Manufacturing's November issue.

Pharma Manufacturing is proud to introduce the 2022 Pharma Innovation Award winners:

• The All-in-One Inspection Unit — WIPOTEC-OCS  

• Freeze-Lock Cryo Label — Schreiner MediPharm

•  Purefit™ Sterilization Bags and Covers — STERIS Life Sciences

•  Equilibar® SDO Single Use Back Pressure Regulator — Equilibar

•  RoSS.FILL Cell Gene Therapies Filling System — Single Use Support

•  Alitheon FeaturePrint® — Alitheon

•  Smart Format — Telstar

•  DeltaV™ Spectral Process Analytical Technology — Emerson

•  MicroCNX™ Series Connectors — Colder Products Company

•  Insilico bio digital twin solution — Yokogawa Insilico Biotechnology

•  iPass® for MDI — Optimal Industrial Automation 

•  ChetoSensar™ — MilliporeSigma

•  WL820 Temperature Controlled Cold Room — Polar Leasing

•  X 3 Tablet Press — Korsch

•  Veeva Vault Validation Management — Veeva Systems

•  OsmoTECH® HT Automated Micro-Osmometer - Advanced Instruments

Congratulations to all our winners!